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Faith Stories

Faith Stories: An Ordinary United Methodist

I am fascinated when I listen to friends in the Sojourners Sunday School class tell how their lives were changed when they discovered religion and became active in the United Methodist Church. ...

Faith Stories: Virgin Birth ... Really?

Miracles like the supposed virgin birth make me feel lost on my faith journey. My friend Marilyn says that she believes in the virgin birth because the Gospels report it, and God is capable of anyt...

Faith Stories: A Day with the Saints

To be honest, it was my initial intent to give glory to God for 19 years of marriage to Paul through the November 1 altar flowers. If you know either of us hard-headed disciples you know that this...

Faith Stories: The Walk

  Faith Stories - The Walk - Tom Burch from St. John's UMC Baton Rouge on Vimeo.

Faith Stories: Walking This Path Together

As I think about this Walk that we are on, our capital campaign and the two-phase building project, I am grateful for our St. John’s community. When I look back over the years, realize that...

Faith Stories: Help My Unbelief

The Walk! Something we have been hearing about for some time around St. John’s. We should all have a pretty good understanding of what it is about. It’s about our Capital Campaig...

Faith Stories: Impermanence Becomes Permanent

It’s amazing how quickly a sense of impermanence can become permanent. Without being too cryptic, all this means is that one can be in this place or that temporarily for so long that tempor...

Faith Stories: Be Appropriate and Be Prepared

I remember learning the importance of "being prepared" back in the second grade. We only had two rules that year. 1) Be appropriate and 2) be prepared. I was fascinated by these rules- basically ev...

Faith Stories: Patience

Patience is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on negative annoyance/anger or exhibiting forbearance...

Faith Stories: Youth Mission Trip 2014

This summer our St. John’s UMC youth group took a mission trip to Shreveport, LA. While there, we worked with Common Ground Outreach, an organization that deals with supporting the s...


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