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Congregational Care

The congregational care committee supports the nurture and care of the membership through visitation, prayer, social hours/events and other ministries directed toward the spiritual health of the membership.

The committee meets at least once a year or more often as necessary. 

Note Writing – 

The note writing team sends notes and cards of love and consolation to members to let them know how much their friends at St. John’s care about them. The card ministry consists of two teams. One team sends cards for the prayer ministry, and the other sends cards to shut-in and home bound members.

Coffee Hour – 

The leader is in charge of the coffee time between first service and Sunday school. The team provides the coffee and paper products. Sunday school classes take turns providing the pastries, juice and making the coffee.

Prayer Ministry – 

Joys and Concerns are lifted up during worship services on Sunday and prayer cards are available for members to submit prayer requests. These are all collected along with any prayer chain requests received during the week and they are all lifted up in prayer during Monday evening prayer time. There is a small core group of members that faithfully pray every Monday evening.

Hospital Visitation – 

If a church member is in the hospital a member of the team will visit and offer comfort and support to them and their family. They may also serve communion if the person desires to take this means of grace.

Visitation Ministry

If a church member is home/shut-in, a member of the team will visit and offer comfort and support to them and their family. They may also serve communion if the person desires to take this means of grace.

Rosebud Ministry – 

When a baby is born the church secretary orders a rosebud for the altar. After delivery it will be placed on the altar during Sunday services. The leader will deliver the rosebud along with a gift to the new parents as soon after Sunday services as possible.

College & Graduate School Host – 

Ongoing contact and support with students.

TLC – 

The TLC committee provides meals for members who are sick. It also provides food for funerals if the family requests it. If the sick/deceased member attended a Sunday school class, a Circle or Prime Timers, the group they attended usually provides food. The group will be notified by either a clergy member or a member of staff.

Prayer Shawl Ministry – 

The purpose of the Prayer Shawl Ministry is to provide concrete reminders that members of St. John’s are praying for individuals.

Blood Drive

Twice each year a blood drive is held during Sunday morning. We work with OLOL Blood Unit comes out and sets up in the Family Life Center or they bring the Blood Mobile. It runs from 8:00 until 12:30. We have two drives a year, one in the spring and the other in the fall. All blood given during these times are credited to the St. John’s account. Blood is available to any member when needed. The member needs to contact the church office to make the request to use blood from our account.

Flower Ministry – 

Altar flowers from Sunday worship services are made into smaller arrangements then distributed to members who are in the hospital. If there is no member or family member in the hospital then the flowers are given to home-bound/shut-in members.

Prime Timers

This group promotes a loving, caring, creative fellowship among the members of the church who are over 50 years of age. They reach out to our community of friends so that we are able to enjoy each other’s company and support while dining, traveling, attending events or simply engaging in lively conversation.

Emergency Call Back Plan

This is a plan to contact every St. John’s member in case of an emergency. A “calling tree” is developed and maintained by the Associate Pastor. The calls are initiated by the Senior Pastor or designee when an emergency is declared. The plan should be “tested” and updated annually.

  Be Welcomed. Be Loved.

We are a Christian community called to share our gifts through worship, witness and service so that others will know God and become disciples of Jesus Christ.


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