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Spiritual Direction

Each of us is on a faith journey.

Day by day, year by year we feel the desire

  • to grow closer to God,
  • to embrace God’s love more fully,
  • to understand more completely God’s purpose for us,
  • to become more able to follow where God leads us.

It is not always easy for us to do this on our own. Sometimes we may feel the need for a companion to help us on our way.

At these times we may choose to work with a spiritual director.

A spiritual director is a member of the faith community trained

  • to listen to concerns,
  • to help focus thoughts by asking probing questions,
  • to suggest strengthening spiritual practices and readings;
  • to aid in the discernment of God’s will.

Working with a spiritual director provides an opportunity for you to share your prayer concerns, talk about your relationship with God and work out plans for deepening that relationship in a safe, confidential setting. You may wish to work with a spiritual director on a long-term basis or in working through a specific concern in a more short-term way. A spiritual director does not provide answers but seeks to help you discern answers for yourself.

Spiritual direction may be done on a one-to-one basis or in a small group setting. One-to-one spiritual direction sessions usually last one hour and are held monthly. Group sessions are usually monthly also but are longer in order for each member time to speak and be heard.

St. John’s provides members and visitors the opportunity for both individual and group spiritual direction. For some years now, the Louisiana Conference of the United Methodist Church has provided spiritual direction training for its members. Several members of the St. John’s congregation have completed this training and are available to act as spiritual directors.

For more information on joining a Spiritual Direction group or finding an individual Spiritual Director, please contact Deirdre' Halliburton.

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