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UMW Non-Garage Sale

Starts:     Sep 24, 2015 @   Ends:     Sep 27, 2015 @  

September is upon us! It’s time to clean out our closets, garages and other spaces that we overload with things we don’t use. Organizing clears our minds as well as our homes AND better still, it helps the missions of our church.

The United Methodist Women are sponsoring another Non-Garage Sale during the last week of September.

New folks in our congregation and community might ask, “What exactly is a Non-Garage Sale?” It is a four-day period when we donate new or used items to the UMW as a means of raising money for missions.

You simply bring your goods to the back of the gym from September 24 through noon on September 28. The UMW arranges for those goods to be picked up by Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, the thrift store located at 10240 Burbank Drive.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow sells our goods and in return gives us a sizable portion of the sales.

You also may ask, “Can we deliver our goods directly to the store?” and the answer is a resounding YES. Simply tell the folks there that Bin #467 (St. John’s UMW) is where you want your donations to go.

Also know that the store will come to your home to pick up large or heavy items, such as furniture, TV’s, lawn equipment, if you give them a call at 769-2259.

St. John’s United Methodist Women is an active group contributing to foreign missions as well as local missions such as our own The Shepherd’s Market. These Non-Garage Sales constitute a very large part of our income.

Please help us as you help yourself by donating goods you no longer use. Tell your friends and neighbors to do the same!

Drop Off Times
Thursday September 24, 8-4

Friday September 25, 9-noon

Sunday September 27, during normal church service times

Monday September 28, 9-noon

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