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"...for we walk by faith, not by sight."
-2 Corinthians 5:7 (NRSV)


The Walk - Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vision: In five years, we will be known as a center for feeding people spiritually and physically in our community.

What? A two-phased construction project will move us toward this vision.

Phase I: Renovations to the Gym, including installing heat and air, more storage, and renovations for better use as a Family Life Center.

Phase II: Renovations to the Sanctuary, creation of a Narthex and a covered walkway. (A Narthex is another word for foyer and will be added to the Highland Road side of the Sanctuary.)

How? The Walk begins Sunday, October 4, culminating on Sunday, October 25. St. John’s members, prayerfully consider pledging to The Walk – over and
above our usual giving – to support this project. Pledges will be over 3 years, and we ask you begin giving in November 2015.

How much do we need to raise? The estimate for both phases is approximately $1.5 million: $450,000 for the Gym renovation project and $850,000 for Sanctuary, Narthex and covered walkway project. Our current debt is $180,000, which will be subsumed in our campaign for a total amount of approximately $1.5 million. Our line of credit is held by the United Methodist Foundation, and the loan rate is locked in at 5.25%.

How much should each St. John’s member give? There is no set number. St. John’s members should prayerfully consider your ability to give, over and above your regular annual giving. No gift is too small!

Are our gifts to The Walk tax deductible? Yes. Your year-end giving statement will list donations to The Walk separately from your giving to St. John’s UMC. Our annual stewardship campaign will be in January 2016.

How do I give? When you write your checks to fulfill your pledge to The Walk, please make sure you have the correct notation on the memo line: either "Capital Campaign Pledge" or "The Walk Pledge." If you do not make the correct notation we will not know where you intended your money to go in which case it will be placed in the general operating fund. Pledges can also be paid through bank draft or automatic withdrawals

When will the project start construction? At a Church Conference on Sunday, August 30, we unanimously approved the two-phased capital improvements to our church that we might step boldly into ministries of feeding more people spiritually and physically. After this conference, it will take six to eight weeks to select a contractor and Phase I can begin. In November, we will celebrate our pledged amount and break ground for Phase I, beginning our construction efforts.

How long will construction take? Phase I, the gym renovation project, will take 5-6 months. Phase II, sanctuary, narthex and covered walkway project, will take 10-12 months. The projects’ completion times will depend on the contractor bids. Timelines will be more defined once a contractor is selected. The Shepherd’s Market should be able to remain open throughout the majority of our renovation.

Who is managing the building project? The Building Committee has selected Robert Lunsford Architects to lead the project. Robert L. Lunsford, AIA, began private practice in 1986. Clients have included many financial institutions as well as commercial and residential clients.

Who is helping us with fundraising? The Capital Campaign Committee hired INJOY Stewardship Solutions to help with the fundraising. INJOY was founded in 1992 by noted leadership guru Dr. John C. Maxwell out of his desire to help fellow pastors see the vision God had given them become a reality. To date, INJOY has partnered with more than 4,000 churches nationwide, helping them raise more than $4 billion for Kingdom work. Marty Benson, senior consultant, is our contact at INJOY.

Milestone Markers

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Mile 1 – Building Study Committee in January 2013

Mile 2 – Church Charge Conference accepting study report and forming building committee in September 2013

Mile 3 – Building Committee hires architect, Family Life Center plans, Narthex plans in January 2014

Mile 4 – Capital Campaign committee formed in January 2015, and Capital Campaign Consultant hired in February/March 2015

Mile 5 – Church Charge Conference raises loan amount to $1.5 million in March 2015

Mile 6 – Campaign Team Meeting 1 on August 4, 2015

Mile 7 – Campaign Team Meeting 2 on August 25, 2015

Mile 8 – Leadership Launch Event on August 29, 2015

Mile 9 – Capital Campaign Kick-off on October 4, 2015

Mile 10 – Campaign Commitment Service on October 25, 2015

Mile 11 – Groundbreaking Celebration on November 15, 2015

  • Need $1,500,000 (Approximate investment for 2-phase project plus current $180,000 loan)
  • Family Life Center – $450,000 (approximate), 5-6 months to complete
  • Narthex & Covered Walkway – $850,000 (approximate), 10-11 months to complete
  • 75% Pledge Unit Participation – 145 pledges over and above annual giving

  Be Welcomed. Be Loved.

We are a Christian community called to share our gifts through worship, witness and service so that others will know God and become disciples of Jesus Christ.


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